Peluquería y Estética 2000 Cortes


Unisex Hairdresser: for Women, Men and Children. At Hairdressing Cortes 2000 we will attend you. Haircut Change of Style Shampoo Conditioners Dry, Color, Color Bath. Colorimetry of the hair. Hair wicks. Reflections. Permanent. Wavy, smooth,[…]

Peluqueria y Estetica 2000 Cortes Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Body and Aesthetic Treatments for Women, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.    Skin cleaning Ac. Glycolic Body Treatments Therapeutic massages Foot Reflexology Depilation Half Legs, complete, depilation. cuts Superior lip depilation   Manicure Pedicure Makeup[…]

Permanentado en Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Permanent Ripples The semi-wavy for the long manes evoke a romanticism that was not obsolete because it was obsolete, but rather on the contrary, it is reborn in every young spirit with the same strength[…]

Corte de Pelo Peluquería 2000 Cortes Tenerife


The Cut is what counts, Vidal Sassoon said it more than thirty years ago, and according to these words he revolutionized the hairdressing business of the whole world. Currently, it is considered that the hairdresser[…]

Colorimetría Peluquería 2000 Cortes Tenerife


An expert in colorimetry will assist you to advise on color, discoloration with the use of the most current techniques for all hair types. Colors brown, reddish, blond or brown. Lighting with two colors, transparencies,[…]

Color Pelo Peluqueria 2000 Cortes Tenerife


THE CHARACTER OF COLOR The same face can reflect a very different character depending on the make-up and the hairstyle that is chosen for him. If the face is the mirror of the soul, you[…]