Color hair Hairdressing 2000 Cortes Tenerife

The same face can reflect a very different character depending on the make-up and the hairstyle that is chosen for him. If the face is the mirror of the soul, you must know how to always find the Look that is more in tune with each personality in order to express the image that each client wants to give of himself. Certain customers do not feel good about themselves and their problem can be solved with a simple change of Look.

It is important to find exactly the Look that characterizes each one, the way to express the personality through appearance, because this fact is fundamental to feel fulfilled.

Starting from the basis that the color has its own character, we usually identify with certain tones. There are no pretty or ugly colors, we simply associate with them because of the psychological effect they create due to their temperature, their movement or their degree of purity. Each color, as well as each harmony of color, acquires meaning and therefore its own charm within a context.