Haircut Peluquería 2000 Cortes Tenerife

The Cut is what counts, Vidal Sassoon said it more than thirty years ago, and according to these words he revolutionized the hairdressing business of the whole world.

Currently, it is considered that the hairdresser should perform, above all, a cut as perfect as possible before other treatments such as permanent or wicks. Sassoon also said that, when cutting hair, there were no rigid rules. A stylist takes years to learn the difficult technique of hair cutting. Many of them never learn it, and not only because of its difficulty. A haircut that suits the client requires that the stylist is also an artist who knows how to harmonize the hairstyle with fashion.

Short hair can be versatile, especially when it is also cut with bangs. One day you can comb your hair with the bangs covering the front and the next, brush it back.

The best hairdressers are both artists and craftsmen.

Although it is during the summer months when more demand is detected in the hairdressers of radical cuts in the hair, this season the short hair is still one of the preferred options for the most daring women. By leaving her face clear, she indicates a strong and confident personality, who does not hesitate to show herself as she is.